The real reason behind losing your girlfriend… (and how you can get her back now)

October 8, 2019

At some time in everybody’s lives, we go through the devastation of being dumped. Thoughts of what went wrong in your relationship grind through your head.

Let’s face it… This totally sucks!

You try to reason about the cause and start thinking… “ Perhaps I should have been more considerate when it came to the small things like not leaving my dirty laundry on the floor…” but then one tends to shift the blame again, and you think…

“No! It’s her, not me…”  Let’s get real; the underpinning cause is that she doesn’t find you as attractive as she did at first.

You are to blame here!

Cause and Effect Image

There are many ways you can get her to feel attracted to you again, and we will get back to this shortly.


You first need to find the root cause and gain an understanding of the reason she dumped you in the first place.  Only then will you have the power to win her back...

We are going to look at three of the "Six Deadly Relationship Sins.”  You might feel that you are not guilty of them all, but the chances are high that you committed at least one of them.  Even though she might say that she has other reasons for her decision:


Being a control freak

Most women hate being micromanaged and restrained when it comes to living their lives. Although it is vital to claim your dominant role as a man, you should always keep in mind when to draw the line.

If you do not know where to cut the line, you shouldn’t be astounded when your girlfriend or wife draws the line for you and walks out.


Constantly seeking approval

Again we stand at “that” thin line of when too much… is too much. As a child, your mother consistently gave you her approval and reassurance of how much she loves you.

Unfortunately, this surfaces when you engage in a relationship. You want that approval and reassurance from your girlfriend or wife too. 

You become a real pain in the behind with questions about if the size of your penis is satisfactory and meets up to her standards, whether or not she found the passion you just shared satisfying if she still loves you. 

Wake up! She is not your mom! This kind of behavior spells out I.N.S.E.C.U.R.I.T.Y, and will definitely drive her further and further away AND let her feel less attracted to you.



Being jealous, but not over jealous is hard to maintain. Healthy jealousy is attractive and lets your special lady feel special while being over suspicious all the time makes you look insecure, thus making you less attractive.

These are only half of the relationship sins, you probably would want to know by now (knowing how men think):  “Enough of this… Is it possible to get her to feel attracted to me again?”

I know you feel totally desperate and might even feel it is pointless also to try to get her back.  Don’t be so cynical.  I have some dynamic psychological techniques you should enforce, but let me introduce my mentor first.  He is Brad Browning, also known as the “Relationship Geek.”

He has helped hundreds and thousands of men all over the world to win back the hearts of their exes, boasting with a 90% success rate.

Don’t be so forlorn, I’m sure we can find a way to let her feel desperate for your love once again and even let her burn with the desire to make passionate love with you again.

Let’s start off by not becoming a number in the statistics most men fall in after being dumped. Which is acting like a real wimp, begging for her to forgive you and giving you a second chance as you will show her you can be a real man.

Stop right there if you are indeed doing this as you are driving her into the arms of what she thinks might be a real man.  You are THE MAN…  Own it!

This would be the perfect time to watch Brad's free video.  Here he will tell you personally how to get back your soon to be girlfriend or wife again. He will also go over the rest of the other Deadly Sins.

Take the leap of courage and watch the video before the feministic protesting groups get their way and take it down.  I’m being blamed by these groups of using manipulative methods rather than psychological techniques.  Little do they know...


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